Post Operative Instructions for Removal of Wisdom Teeth


A certain amount of bleeding is expected following oral surgery. Blood tinted saliva may be seen 24-48 hours after surgery. If bleeding occurs, fold gauze pad in half, fold in half again, then place directly over socket and bite firmly for 45 minutes. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure. If you experience excessive bleeding, use a moist tea bag in place of the gauze. If bleeding persists, please contact our office.


Swelling and stiffness are to be expected the first 24 hours after surgery. On the day of your surgery, you should apply an ice pack for 20 minutes then remove for 20 minutes and repeat to minimize swelling.

Pain Relief:

A certain amount of discomfort is not uncommon. Start taking prescribed medication as directed the day of surgery. Medication should not be taken on an empty stomach. please contact our office if pain persists.


Some antibiotics may interfere with the effectiveness of birth control pills.


Nausea may occur due to taking medications on an empty stomach. This may be relieved by drinking 1 oz. an hour of a carbonated beverage such as Ginger Ale for 5-6 hours. This may be followed by a mild tea, broth or soft food before resuming your regular diet. PLEASE DO NOT USE A STRAW, DRINK FROM A BOTTLE OR SPIT FOR 2 TO 3 DAYS FOLLOWING SURGERY. Doing so may result in dislodging the clot and promote bleeding.


A light diet (yogurt, pudding, jello, etc.) is recommended the day of surgery. The following day, a soft diet (pastas, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc.) is recommended. You may resume your normal diet as soon as tolerable.


Rinsing, spitting and brushing should be avoided the day of surgery. Resume brushing the day after surgery, avoiding surgical sites with the toothbrush. After brushing, rinse gently with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon of salt mixed with 8 oz. of warm water). Start the day after surgery 3x day for 7-10 days. Rinsing with warm salt water will help keep the surgical areas clean and help dissolve the sutures. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE IRRIGATING SYRINGE FOR THE FIRST FIVE DAYS. After five days, fill the syringe with warm salt water and flush out the socket. This will flush out any food or debris.


Avoid vigorous activities for three to four days after surgery. No heavy lifting. You may go back to your normal routine the following week.

Potential Post Operative Conditions:

  1. A dry socket is a throbbing pain, which radiates to your ear and will not be relieved by pain medication. If this occurs, contact our office immediately.
  2. Some discoloration of the face and neck may be visible for 3-5 days after, depending on the nature of the surgery performed.
  3. Many times the roots of the lower teeth are adjacent to the nerve in the lower jaw. Removing the tooth may slightly disturb the nerve causing a numbness of your shin, lower lip and tongue. No one can determine how long this will remain; but it is rarely permanent.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at (650) 328-2322.